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Ren Kimura was a normal twenty-one years old girl until the detonation of the Terrigen Bomb by Black Bolt during Thanos' invasion on Earth. Ren was one of the newly exposed Inhumans. She was chased by Caroline Le Fay's Doom Maidens and rescued by the Fearless Defenders.[1]

After a fight between both teams, Ren started to learn how to use her powers and joined the Defenders. After joining the Fearless Defenders, Ren travelled with them to New Amazonia. While in New Amazonia, Ren slept with Annabelle Riggs. The next morning the island was attacked by Aradnea and Echidna, which Ren helped repel.[2]

Ren remained in a relationship with Annabelle until they were separated when Annabelle, or rather her alter-ego of Valkyrie, was recruited into the Asgardians of the Galaxy.[3] They were reunited when the Asgardians of the Galaxy travelled to the Earth to help defend it during the War of the Realms.[4] Annabelle's well-being was endangered when Valkyrie was slain in battle against Malekith and she became lost in the fringes of Valhalla. Clea approached Ren to use her connection to track Annabelle, and they were joined by some of her fellow Asgardians of the Galaxy. The rescue mission was successful, and Annabelle returned to the land of the living.[5] Afterwards, Ren joined the Asgardians of the Galaxy and continued helping defend the Earth until it was liberated from Malekith's grasp.[6]

Powers and Abilities


Ribbon Manipulation: The flesh and skin of Ren's hands and forearms were transformed to some kind of metallic razors. Her fingers can stretch lashing out steel-hard ribbons that she can control while unraveling the whole appendage creates a mass of tendrils with which to flay her foes.


She had great skills in several dance styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, salsa, hip-hop, jumpstyle, swing and bellydancing.


  • Ren is a lesbian.[2]

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