Rene de Bragelonne, otherwise known as Chevalier Bretagne, was a member of the Captain Britain Corps, apparently from a reality where Britain is a French-speaking nation.

During the adventure known as the Cross-Time Caper, the superhero team Excalibur were summoned to the Omniversal Hub by Saturnyne, who wanted to send them home to make up for the damage their adventure had done to the space-time continuum, and to capture their member Phoenix.

When Excalibur tried to speak to Saturnyne personally, various members of the Captain Britain Corps, including Chevalier Bretagne, were sent to prevent them. Chevalier Bretagne literally crossed swords with Nightcrawler, by engaging in a fencing match with him. Although Nightcrawler teleported to try and give himself an advantage, the Chevalier had him on the ropes until Nightcrawler's teammate Meggan challenged the Chevalier to a duel herself. Although the Chevalier professed that it was unseemly for him to duel a lady, he did so.

Later, it appears that Chevalier Bretagne confronts Phoenix and Excalibur's ally Alistaire Stuart, carrying an unconscious Nightcrawler. However, it turns out that the shapeshifting Meggan has taken the Chevalier's form, and Nightcrawler was shamming. Nightcrawler reveals that Meggan defeated the Chevalier, much to his shock.[2]


Presumably those of Brian Braddock of Earth-616, as a fellow Captain Britain Corps member.


Chevalier Bretagne is a master swordsman.

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