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Hulk returned to Reno with Rick Jones, wishing to take his wife Betty together with him to the Pantheon's Mount, but she refused and stayed with Marlo Chandler. The green goliath and Rick then left Reno for New York.[2]

While Marlo was watching the news, learning that Rick Jones had vanished in New York City, like half of the world's population, Betty Ross got hired by Mrs. Maxwell and started working for an emergency hotline.[3]

After visiting Jim Wilson in Los Angeles, the Hulk returned to Reno and partially reconciled with Betty.[4] After Marlo was stabbed to death by Jackie Shorr, Rick Jones left Reno to find someone able to revive her.[5]

A while later, Betty helped Marlo prepare invitation letters for her marriage to Rick Jones.[6] Doctor Strange appeared to them to decline the invitation.[7]

Some time later, Betty received a call from Chet, an HIV-positive suicidal who talked with her all night before dying in a train crash, without telling her his girlfriend's name.[8]

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On Earth-807128, Reno was renamed "New Vegas," after Las Vegas became Hammer Falls.[1]


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