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This model of the Rescue Armor was designed by Dr. Toni Ho while working for A.I.M. and Bobby da Costa.[1] It was first used when the Maker and the New Revengers attacked Avenger Base Two. The Maker and an alternate universe version of Skar attacked the base's engineer section while Toni was working on Pod and fatally injured the latter.[2] After escaping death using a personal force field, Toni retreated to put on the Rescue Armor,[3] with which she incapacitated Skar before the Maker fled.[1]

Toni used the Rescue suit one last time during a mission to shut down the rogue A.I.M. splinter cell A.G.M.. Afterwards, A.I.M. was absorbed into S.H.I.E.L.D..[4] Toni ditched this suit in favor of the Iron Patriot Armor when she became a member of A.I.M.'s new patriotic team, the U.S.Avengers.[5]



Similarly to the previous Rescue Armor worn by Pepper Potts, this suit focues on defensive capabilities, namely force-shields. These are powerful enough to withstand blasts from a planetary weapon like Skar. The force fields have offensive capabilities as well, if flattened to just a few atoms thick and flicked out towards an enemy, it can cut through them like a hot-wire cutter.[1]


  • This is the first Rescue Armor in the Marvel Universe not worn by Pepper Potts.
  • Toni Ho's use of a Rescue Armor was most likely a reference to her Earth-25315 counterpart, Antonia Yinsen, who went by the alias of Kid Rescue.

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