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The Reserves are a super-soldier combat unit which was created by S.H.I.E.L.D. at the same time the Ultimates was formed. The Reserves was created likewise to the Ultimates' purpose against superhuman threats.

The Reserves consists of the Giant-Men and Rocketmen both based on Giantman and Iron Man respectively, the Four Seasons, Thunderbolt, Intangi-girl (which the last three hasn't yet been seen in action), and troops of foot soldiers who have been equipped with light blue enhancement suits that bestow flight and super-strength to the wearer. Uniquely among them was Lieberman, a potential candidate who would succeed/replace Captain America. However, after having saved 75 people from a burning building, Lieberman died when his central nervous system collapsed due from the super-soldier serum.

The Reserves attracted international criticism for interfering in world affairs, and potentially violating posthuman limitation treaties.

The Reserves were nearly decimated by the Liberators' invasion. Since the events of Ultimatum, the Giant-Men and Rocketmen were seen shown helping and looking for survivors in New York City. Numerous Rocketmen apparently perished in a space mission with Iron Man [1]

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