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Company founded by Tony Stark to create eco-friendly technologies

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After the Siege of Asgard, Tony Stark decided to change his point of view and created a new company, Stark Resilient, in order to create vehicles and technology using the repulsor tech from his R.T. node. The company started building an eco-friendly car, although Hammer Industries' Sasha and Justine Hammer tried to sabotage it.[2] Stark Resilient later rebuilt a new improved version of the City of Asgard known as Asgardia.[3]

During the Mandarin's attack, Tony decided to leave the company in order to assure his friends' safety. Pepper Potts, the company's Chief Operating Officer, became Chief Executive Officer.[4]

When Tony created a new industrial conglomerate named Stark Unlimited, he reabsorbed back Stark Resilient, which became a corporate subsidiary of the new company.[1]

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