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Venomized Doctor Strange (Leader)
Captain Venom (Field Leader)
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Agent Venom, Ant-Venom, Carnage, Logan Venom, Doctor Doom, Host Rider, Hulk Venom, Mania, Poison Deadpool, Venomized Moon Knight, Rhino, Venomized Punisher, Venomized Spider-Man, Venomized Spinneret, Venompool, Numerous unnamed Venoms
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The Resistance was formed when the Doctor Strange of Earth-22249 came across a Venom symbiote being hunted by a Hive of crystalline aliens called Poisons.[1]

Finding himself hunted by the Poisons as a result of bonding to the symbiote, Strange began summoning Venoms from across the Multiverse; engaging in a brutal war with the Poisons. This backfired as it alerted the Poisons to the existence of the Multiverse and rapidly became a losing battle, as every member lost by the Resistance would become a member of the Hive, grossly turning the tables of every battle.[2][3]

The Resistance refused to give up, however, eventually summoning the Venom of Earth-616. This led to the Hive gaining Spider-Man and Captain America as members[4] and Doctor Strange as a captive.[5] Luckily, before his capture, Strange summoned a new player, Carnage, to the war.

Carnage's bloodlust gave the Resistance an upper hand in battle, and Poison Gwenpool was captured and interrogated because of this.[6]

New intel and the double agent Poison Deadpool allowed the Venoms to infiltrate the Hive's base on Earth-22249, taking out the Poison presence there and allowing most of the members to return to their many homes.[7]


Equipment: Numerous Venom Symbiotes
Transportation: Formerly Hell Charger, Ant-Venom's Ants
Weapons: The fangs, claws, and tendrils granted to them by their symbiotes, as well as whatever innate combat abilities the hosts possess.


  • Based on comments made in Venomverse: War Stories #1 and Venomverse #4, it can be assumed that most of the Poisons seen in Venomverse were once members of the Resistance who had been summoned by Doctor Strange before being consumed by Poisons.

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