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The cube in which the Resolute Throne resides

The Resolute Throne was a giant throne residing inside a large cube construction in the Sinner's Market. A winged, statue-like being known as the Lady sat upon the Throne and was served by several entities resembling bald monks. She dealt in degrees of godhood and bartered by fifths, meaning that she gave twenty percent of the power of a god for a fifth of a man's soul.

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, visited it and offered his whole soul in exchange for the power to end the threat of incursions,[1] but the transaction wasn't completed because he lacked the full measure of his own soul.[2]


  • The Lady
  • The Lady's servants


  • One cannot enter the cube where the Resolute Throne resides twice.[1]
  • The Resolute Throne has been visited by three Sorcerers Supreme.[1] Only Doctor Strange was able to leave with his life, indicating that simply venturing to the Throne is a very risky endeavour.

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