Resourceful Snake was the champion of the House of the Snake as part of the Trial of the Seven Masters established by The Council of Liu-Shi to steal the chi of the Iron Fist to take over and reestablish K'un-Lun in their own image. Snake was once a champion of K'un-Lun as an Iron Fist after passing the test of killing the Shou-Lao with relative ease. Feeling confident, Snake challenged the One known as Shu-Hu and was defeated easily before being spared by the K'un-Lun council to serve as an example for his arrogance. As punishment for his hubris, Shu-Hu ripped off Snake's arms, removing his status as the Iron Fist and crippling him. Snake made his way to the island of Liu-Shi and overcame his handicap by training in combat with his feet. Snake later fought Danny Rand on behalf of the House of Snake and was defeated, giving away some of his chi willingly as reward.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Chi Manipulation: Snake can manipulate his chi to enhance his body and deal out powerful strikes from his feet.


  • Master Martial Artist: Snake is a masterfully skilled martial artist, being a former Iron Fist who passed his trial with ease before being crippled. Even so, he managed to overcome his handicap through combat with his legs and was able to fight the current Iron Fist for some time.

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