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The R.C.X. were the successors to the defunct agency S.T.R.I.K.E, and were tasked with handling threats beyond the remit of the other intelligence services. Unfortunately, the R.C.X. quickly became a law unto themselves and began operating in a manner which many considered unethical-including their unwilling ally, Captain Britain. The R.C.X. were headquartered for a time at his home, Braddock Manor, where agents Michael and Gabriel cared for the mutated children known as the Warpies.

The R.C.X. were eventually subverted by Nigel Orpington-Smythe, who disabled the Mastermind computer at Braddock Manor and placed the principal agents in suspended animation while attempting to turn the Warpies into his own private army. They were eventually freed by Excalibur, who defeated Smythe, but the R.C.X. was shut down soon aftward and replaced by the agency Black Air. One of the R.C.X.'s former members, Joshua N'Dingi, became the cybernetically enhanced Doctor Crocodile after a warpie baby exploded close to him.

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