The Respawned were zombie-like creatures that were infected new intelligent and hungry parasitic race that could infect other living beings that resulted after the Brood planted eggs in the corpse of Galactus.[1] The parasites were sub-microbial that shared a collective consciousness. When the parasites invaded a host, the hosts died while the parasites controlled the body as a reanimated corpse.[2]

From there, the Respawned proceeded to devour whole galaxies,[1] and eventually, a large group of the Respawned made their way to the edge of Earth's Solar System, using Galactus' zombified corpse as transport. Then Captain Marvel, having been turned into one of the Respawned, sent out a distress signal at Galactus' coordinates, luring a team of Avengers, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four to investigate.

When this team arrived, they were ambushed by Captain Marvel and the large horde of Respawned. The ensuing battle resulted in the infection or death of the whole team[3] (except for Wolverine)[1] at the hands of the Respawned. Following the battle, the Galactus Hive made its way to Earth with the Respawned, and the Hunger Cosmic spread to the general population as well as metahumans, decimating the planet.[3][4]

Years later, the Respawned used Magik's teleportation power to move their operations and Galactus into Limbo, which they now called Blackspring. With Magik's teleportation, they planned to spread the Hunger Cosmic across the Multiverse, but they first needed to find and zombify Franklin Richards so they could use his enormous mutant power for their own use. They managed to trick Franklin as well as his sister Valeria, Spider-Man, Blade, the Sentinel Nana, and Chewie into coming to Atlantis before transporting them and Wolverine to Limbo.[1]

When attempting to zombify Franklin, Invisible Woman discovered that Franklin had been turned into a Techno-Organic Being, making him immune to zombification. Franklin and the others then went to the corpse of Galactus and destroyed it, the blast seemingly killing all of Earth's superpowered Respawned, ruining the Respawned's plan to spread across the Multiverse and severely weakening if not removing their dominance of Earth. Franklin kept the severed head of the Silver Surfer, who warns Franklin that their Queen is coming for them, and knows what has transpired.[5]



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