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The Respect Gem is one of the five stones that make up the Abundant Glove. The Skrull Talos the Untamed set out to assemble the glove in order to enslave the Earth and prove his worth to the Skrull Empire.

Encrusted in the necklace

Under the alias of a regular human named Jonathan Richards, Talos hired the P.I. Howard the Duck to retrieve the Respect Gem, which had been encrusted in a necklace stolen by the Black Cat, allegedly from Talos' human identity.

After successfully taking the gem from Black Cat's hideout, Howard was kidnapped by the Collector,[1] and the Respect Gem was kept at his museum in Collecton. Howard returned to Earth with the Respect Gem after the Guardians of the Galaxy broke out the Collector's prisoners.[2] However, as soon as he returned, Howard was assaulted by a mind-controlled May Parker, one of the several elders forced to steal for the Ringmaster. Together with his ally Tara Tam and May, Howard tracked down the Ringmaster and got the gem back.

In the middle of this third attempt to get the gem, Talos snatched it from Howard and revealed his true nature as would-be conqueror.[3] Once he assembled the Abundant Glove, Talos wreaked havoc throughout New York City using sentient constructs made from the glove.[4] Talos was eventually defeated after Howard the Duck managed to snatch the glove from the villain's hand. The Respect Gem, together with the rest of the Abundant Glove, was given by Howard to Mister Fantastic.[4]

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