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Quote1.png Brothers and sisters of Krakoa! A great thing has happened today. A miracle made possible by mutant hands...The great work of the five. Love them...for they have righted the wrongs of man and defeated our great enemy death. Quote2.png

The Resurrection Protocols were the rules, restrictions, and guidelines governing the process of mutant resurrection on Krakoa.



As part of the creation of the mutant nation of Krakoa, the Five were gathered to resurrect mutants who had met a premature end. The process is as follows; Egg uses his power to create eggs that will grow the mutant, Proteus manipulates reality to make the eggs viable, allowing Elixir to then use his biokinesis to fertilize the eggs and grow a husk body. Next Tempus manipulates time within the egg to grow the husk to its desired age. Additionally, Hope Summers allows for coordination between the other members of the Five and harmonizes their powers to complete the resurrection. Finally, when the husk emerges from the egg, Professor X (or a substitute telepath) telepathically imprints the mutant's mind from their most recent Cerebro backup into the husk. This processes usually takes between approximately 48-54 hours.[3] However, in extraordinary circumstances, this process can be completed in as little as one hour.[4] Mutants are resurrected at their "peak physical form", but the Five may also be unconsciously correcting minor imperfections as well. For example, one week after his resurrection, Synch demonstrated a 4% increase to his previously established natural abilities.[5] His powers have since continued to expand.[6]

Strict protocols were established early on to guide the terms of resurrection. These Resurrection Protocols offered structure and priority to govern the process of resurrection.[4] For example, as the governing body of Krakoa, members of the Quiet Council receive priority in the resurrection queue.[7]

Shortly after some of the earliest resurrections, a change was made to the Resurrection Protocols. For the mental wellness of those being resurrected, mutants are now being resurrected in established social groups or clusters. For example, Synch seemed to be experiencing difficulties adjusting after his resurrection, so Skin's resurrection was moved ahead of schedule so they could act as companions for one another.[5]

While the Quiet Council does consider the advice and input of the Five, X-Factor Investigations is ultimately responsible for making final decisions on resurrection.[8][9] However, in certain rare cases, others (like Beast and X-Force) are given ultimate authority over specific resurrections for security reasons.[10]

The Crucible

Aero facing • --|A|-- • in the Crucible

With resurrection made possible, there were concerns about depowered mutants committing suicide to be resurrected with their powers restored. Through several debates, the Quiet Council decided that for those who lost their powers on M-Day or were depowered by other means, resurrection with their powers fully restored could be made possible through The Crucible. When a depowered mutant was chosen for the Crucible, they must face • --|A|-- • in single combat and fight to the death. Only through valiantly fighting could the gift of resurrection and the restoration of their mutant powers be administered.[11][9][12] Since • --|A|-- • is no longer on Krakoa,[13] Silver Samurai appears to have taken over the ceremony. Now, instead of facing • --|A|-- • in combat, depowered mutants wanting to restore their powers through the Crucible are allowed to invite their own combatants.[14][9][12] When no combatant can be found, volunteers are accepted.[14]

After successfully completing the Crucible, combatants are moved to the head of the queue for a speedy resurrection. As noted by Doctor Nemesis, this practice is acting as a new evolutionary mechanism. This selection process means that resurrection will favor traits like strength, endurance, a warlike nature, and a certain level of personal recklessness.[12]

The Five unable to resurrect Kate Pryde

Resurrecting Kate Pryde

When Kate Pryde's lifeless body was discovered, her resurrection was made a priority of the Five.[15] The Five tried multiple times to resurrect Kate, but none of her husks appeared viable as none stirred or broke out of their eggs.[16] After 17 attempts, the Five were about to pause Kate’s resurrection to move on to others. However, through the supplication of both Nightcrawler and Emma Frost, Professor X agreed to one more attempt. On the eighteenth attempt, Emma guided Kate's husk to phase through the egg instead of bursting forth, and Kate was finally reborn.[17]

X-Factor Investigation

The Five requesting the formation of X-Factor Investigations to help with the resurrection protocols

Becoming overwhelmed with resurrection requests and due to the complexities of establishing proof of death, the Five endorsed the formation of X-Factor Investigations. X-Factor Investigations was then tasked with solving cases of missing and/or potentially dead mutants and providing Proof of Death to the Five to trigger adding someone to the resurrection queue.[1] Prior to the establishment of X-Factor Investigations, the Five relied merely on testimony/confirmation before initiating resurrection.[18] This new higher standard for proof of death can often be difficult to establish despite eye-witnesses.[9]

X of Swords

The resurrection of Rictor and Rockslide

After creating the External Gate to connect Krakoa and Otherworld, • --|A|-- • sent Summoner with Banshee and Unus the Untouchable to herald his arrival.[19] When Summoner reemerged with a wounded and dying Banshee, he pleaded for help. To rescue Unus and assess the threat, • --|A|-- • led a small team of volunteers through the External Gate and was almost immediately ambushed by the First Horsemen. During the attack, Rockslide was killed and both • --|A|-- • and Rictor were wounded.[20] Rictor died in the Healing Gardens after being brought back to Krakoa. As a casualty of war, his resurrection was fast tracked. Unfortunately, because Rockslide died in Otherworld, his resurrection did not go as planned even temporarily glitching all five Cerebros and leaving the Five and Xavier unconscious. As Otherworld is a nexus connected to the entirety of the Multiverse, when mutants die in Otherworld they cannot be properly resurrected. Instead, this resurrection will be a random amalgamation of their multiversal counterparts and their original Cerebro backup will be corrupted and lost forever.[4] Gorgon also died in Otherworld and was later resurrected, but is also reportedly acting "strangely".[21][22] Conversely to the Otherworld resurrections, individuals who died on Amenth were resurrected as more honed versions of themselves. Additionally, their actual Cerebro back-up were reduced in size resembling defragmentation of computer software. Both Wild Child and Nanny were resurrected as keener, sharper versions of themselves, but still certainly themselves.[21] The Five have chosen not to make this information widely available.[22]

Death of the Scarlet Witch

When the Scarlet Witch was murdered at the Hellfire Gala, the Quiet Council was presented with a unique decision. Cerebro had created backups of both the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver when they were believed to be mutants, so resurrection was theoretically possible. Despite Magneto's pleading, the Quiet Council voted against resurrecting the Scarlet Witch by a 6-to-3 vote.[23]

However, Wanda was eventually resurrected and, with the aid of Legion and Proteus, performed a magic ritual to create Krakoa's very own Elysium Field. This resulted in 20 million new mutants being added to the resurrection queue that either died before Cerebro was operational or died before their X-gene activated. The need for the Crucible was also replaced by the Waiting Room, where anyone who wanted to be resurrected could just step through a gate and be added to the queue. The first lost mutant to be resurrected was the original Thunderbird.[24]

Rules of Resurrection

Currently revealed Resurrection Protocols

Currently revealed Resurrection Protocols (cont.)

  • Article I. No resurrection will be initiated without proof of death.[1]
  • Article II. -- Resurrection queue --
    • (a) --
    • (b) --
      • 1) --
      • 2) -- [Augury_Incident]
    • (c) --
  • Article III. In the event of forced protocol -- Ref: [Resr/Five...[001]_01]_05].
  • Article IV. --
    • (a) --
      • 1) --
      • 2) --
  • Article V. Requests for proof of death, -- , -- , and missing mutants cases shall hereby be made to X-Factor Investigations.
    • (a) Missing mutants cases are generated automatically under the following circumstances:
      • 1) Cerebro has been unable to pull a back-up from a person for no less than a month;
      • 2) Upon which a report is automatically generated for Sage for identification and categorization. If Sage is then unable to detect this mutant;
      • 3) The mutant is then categorized as officially "missing" and a report is automatically generated for X-Factor's investigations queue.
    • (b) --
  • Article VI. If -- Jane/John Doe.
    • 1) -- Addendum 6.1 --
  • Article VII. -- does not wish to be resurrected, --
  • Article VIII. --
    • (a) --
    • (b) --
      • 1) --
  • Article IX. --
    • (a) --
    • (b) --
    • (c) --
  • Article X. --
    • (a) --
      • 1) --
      • 2) --
      • 3) --
      • 4) --

The Quiet Council decides that clones (like Madelyne Pryor) will not be resurrected

Clones and Duplicates

The decision to prohibit the creation of duplicates was one of the first made when discussing the resurrection process. Additionally, it was decided that duplicates of other origin such as clones, time-traveling doubles, or alternate universe counterparts would also be ineligible for resurrection - or rather, only one of the duplicates would be allowed to exist at once.[2] The exception was made for mutants with duplication as part of their gifts, such as James Madrox and the Stepford Cuckoos.[25] Madelyne Pryor was specifically denied resurrection under this restriction,[8][2][25] despite the pleas of Havok, as due to the similarities to their progenitors, clones they were not considered unique beings.[26] Evan Sabahnur, a clone of • --|A|-- •, hasn't been resurrected either, likely for the same reason.[27][25]

The Quiet Council allowed the resurrection of the older Cable so he could assist his younger self with hunting down Stryfe. Kid Cable requested it, knowing that in return he would return to the future to become the older Cable.[28]

The Five later broke this rule by resurrecting Scout, a clone of Laura Kinney. They proceeded to send a memorandum requesting that the Council update their definitions of a "dupe", arguing that individuals such as Gabby, Madelyne Pryor, and Evan Sabahnur were their own individual people regardless of genetics, which was bolstered by the fact that Cerebro had separate backups for them.[29] Emma Frost eventually convinced the Council to allow Madelyne Pryor to be resurrected as well, as a favor to Havok.[30]

Confirmed Krakoan Resurrections


  • Currently there has been no experimentation with placing a mutant mind in a husk that is not their own.[3] Additionally, there has not been any authorized experimentations with combining the DNA of multiple mutants.[86][11]
    • However, several individuals have written wills requesting they be resurrected in a Magneto husk with his powers.[11]
  • Synch was one of the earliest mutant resurrected as it was believed that his powers would allow him to act as a substitute for one of the Five, if needed.[5] Though it was never tested, both Synch and Mimic are considered to be possible stand-ins for the Five.[3]
  • While not an official rule, because of Moira's need for secrecy, no precognitive mutants are allowed on Krakoa and will therefore not be resurrected.[87][88] Mystique managed to circumvent this by posing as Xavier and Magneto and orchestrating the resurrection of Destiny.[46]
  • Unless otherwise noted, X-Force has full authority over individual resurrection protocols for security reasons.[10]
  • Krakoa's ability to resurrect the dead is a state secret. Even allies like the Avengers are not told of the Five's existence, with the Quiet Council ordering Jean Grey to remove memories of any sighting of the process.[89]
    • Despite this secrecy, Magneto did share this information with Scarlet Witch.[90]
    • Speed also seemed aware of the protocols, even prior to witnessing events surrounding Scarlet Witch's death and resurrection.[18]


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