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An upgraded to the Retaliator design, a walking monolith which was taller than some of Earth's more grandiose skyscrapers. The mecha boasted transformative capabilities. Able to take on the semblance of both titanic automaton and space worthy transport/massive armament. It is impressively equipped with any manner of heavy ordinance from lasers to missile pods; bearing its main gun as a chest dial that can discharge titanic bullets similar to its preceding model.[1]

Takeshi initiating the Retaliators ship mode

Cable and his new team of X-Terminators took to re-appropriating this new weapon built by the new regime of Breakworld for the purpose of preempting the universal invasion of Dormammu of the Dark Dimension. They worked in conjunction with S.W.O.R.D's Commander Brand and Rocket of the Guardians of the Galaxy in order to infiltrate the warmongering planet to fire off a giant ballistic made of Mysterium at the Faltine-possessed Ego.[2]

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