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The Retreat was Tony Stark's custom-designed modern mansion located on a seaside cliff in Malibu, California.


Retreat (Tony Stark's Malibu Mansion) from Iron Man Vol 1 229 001.jpg

When Stark Industries relocated its headquaters to Southern California, Tony Stark commissioned a custom-designed mansion located on a seaside cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Posing as Iron Man, Stark used his Iron Man armor to cut into the bedrock to create Stark's private lab area.[6] The mansion served as both Tony Stark's primary residence and Iron Man's base of operations.[7]

The Retreat was designed as a smart house with computer systems integrated into and regulating various aspects of the home. The mansion was energy self-sufficient by using solar energy converters and internal water purification systems.[1] To protect the residence, the mansion can be locked down to be airtight, which prevents the use of a working fireplace.[1] Additionally, bulletproof glass in used throughout the mansion.[8]

Berserker attacking Iron Man and destroying the Retreat

Berserker attack Iron Man at the Retreat and damaged the Retreat so badly[9] that Iron Man eventually had to raze the entire structure to rebuild.[4] The home was eventually completely rebuilt.[10][11]

The Retreat under attack by the Inhumans during Civil War II

During the second superhero civil war, the Retreat was destroyed by the Inhumans as part of a coordinated attack on Iron Man.[12]

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Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Tony Stark's Malibu mansion from Iron Man

Terrorists attacking Stark's home from Iron Man 3

The cliffside mansion located in on the Pacific coast of Malibu was the primary residence of Tony Stark for several years.[19] Pepper Potts seemingly moved in after beginning a romantic relationship with Tony.[18]

The mansion was completely wired through J.A.R.V.I.S. and most windows acted as smart glass displays.[19] In his private lab and garage, Tony perfected his Iron Man Armor.[19] Tony also synthesized a new element to replace the Palladium core of the Arc Reactor in this lab.[17] As he built more models, Stark built the Hall of Armor to display previous models.[17][18]

The mansion sustained significant damage during one of Tony's birthday celebrations when Rhodey used the Mark II Armor to subdue Tony in the Mark IV Armor.[17] Although the mansion was later repaired, it was ultimately completely destroyed by an attack by terrorists when Tony publicly threatened the Mandarin.[18]



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