Reva Connors was a security guard and the wife of former convict Luke Cage. Reva and Luke owned a bar in Hell's Kitchen.

Reva had in her possession video tapes of child test subjects, who were undergoing experiments that gave them special abilities. One of these children was Kevin Thompson, aka "Kilgrave". Kilgrave wanted to keep the video tapes from seeing the light of day, so using his special abilities of mind control, he ordered Reva to reveal to him the location of the video tapes. Once at the location, he had Jessica Jones, a powered person under his control, to dig the video tapes from under the concrete.

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When Kilgrave acquired the tapes, he ordered Jessica to "take care" of Reva. Jessica then punched Reva as hard as she could in the chest, which killed her. This act released Jessica from her mind control, and as she struggled away from Kilgrave, a bus incidentally hit Kilgrave. Reva's death was determined by medics on the scene to be caused by the bus accident.[1]

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