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Formerly Asgard; Sakaar
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Formerly Thor
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Thor: Ragnarok
(October 24, 2017)
Thor: Ragnarok
(October 24, 2017)


Assembled by Thor to escape Sakaar, and stop Hela from taking over Asgard and conquering the nine realms.[1]



  • Quinjet: The Hulk was brought to Sakaar by a Quinjet, which Thor returned to in order to 'help' the Hulk return to Bruce Banner, but the jet was destroyed by the Hulk in the process
  • Commodore: Stolen by Valkyrie to help herself, Bruce and Thor enter the Devil's Anus and return to Asgard to face Hela.
  • Statesman: Loki, Korg, and Miek used the Statesman to transport the freed gladiators from Sakaar to Asgard, in order to aid Thor. The rest of the Revengers and the Asgardian refugees then escaped it in, following Asgard's destruction.
    Weapons: Dragonfang


  • The Revengers are essentially a splinter group of the Avengers.

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