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Disillusioned with the Avengers after their numerous failings, Simon Williams felt that the team was the cause of more harm than good to Earth. Organizing a group of lesser-known heroes, he informed them of the failings of the Avengers, and his own views, convincing them that the Avengers had to be stopped.

Targeting Avengers Mansion, the group waited until Danielle Cage, daughter of New Avengers members Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, had left the mansion. With the entire roster of New Avengers present, Williams felt it was time to attack, with Atlas leading the charge. Overwhelmed, the New Avengers briefly held their own before being overwhelmed by the Revengers. With that team defeated, Williams set his sights on their next target: Avengers Tower... home of the main Avengers team.[1]

Atlas attacked the Avengers Tower only to get the attention of the team, because they called a press conference at the court, where the Avengers appeared to confront them. After failing at discussions with Wonder Man, Iron Man trapped him in his ionic form in a containment unit. Not willing to fight with too many civilians near, Thor teleported the Revengers to the Citi Field, where they where were subdued by both The Avengers and The New Avengers and later imprisoned.

After talking with Beast, warning and telling them what he thinks, Simon suddenly escaped his containment unit. [2]



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