Revka Temerlune Edifex Scyros III (translated to "The king with no enemies") was the ruler of a distant planet known as Zenn-La. He was grew to become the strongest telepath that Zenn-La ever produced and instated a edict that made him the ruler for the rest of his natural life. Using machines located throughout Zenn-La to augment his telepathy, the Psycho Man kept the planet's population docile and happy through ignorance. He trained Norrin Radd (the Silver Searcher) to be his successor. Disgusted with the shallow perpetual joy enforced his master, Norrin rose up against Revka, and freed Zenn-La's population from his control. The planet ended up destroying itself, and the Searcher was banished from Zenn-La for his betrayal.

A long time passed before Reed Richards attempted to create a Cosmic Cube. In an attempt to locate an energy source powerful enough to power the Cosmic Cube, Reed locked onto the power of what he thought was a star and instead summoned the Silver Searcher to Earth. The Searcher saw the people of Earth as suffering and unhappy, and summoned Revka to Earth. Revka was first dubbed the "Psycho-Man" by Johnny Storm. Also believing the citizens of Earth to be suffering due to their own thoughts, Psycho-Man took telepathic control over the people of Earth. He teleported the population of Earth, now placated and under his control, back to Zenn-La. There he again used his telepathy augmented by his machines of control to control the population, giving them the identities and personalities of the original residents of Zenn-La. It was the Searcher who first came out of the Psycho-Man's control once again. He freed Reed from Psycho-Man's control by flying him out of range of the Psycho-Man's machines. When Psycho-Man realized what was happening he sent others, similar in appearance and powers to the Silver Searcher, to regain control of the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four, with the help of the Silver Searcher, were able to defeat the Psycho-Man's minions and also Psycho-Man himself. Using Psycho-Man's own machines against him they were able to reprogram his mind so that he believed that he was a young child. Psycho-Man was doomed to live out a life of blissful ignorance similar to that which he once forced upon the population of Zenn-La and then the people of Earth.[1]


  • Telepathy: Revka possesses telepathy which allows him to control the minds of others. According to Norrid Radd, Revka was the most powerful telepath that Zenn-La had ever produced.
  • Immortality: Revka has made himself immortal through surgical means.


Revka's telepathy doesn't affect people who are out of range.


  • Control-Box: Revka used psycho-machines to amplify his already considerable telepathy powers, altering the minds of everyone on a planet. He tried to use them to make him Zenn-La's, and later Earth's, beloved and undisputed ruler for life.

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