When Mandarin sent a wave of Dreadnoughts to destroy the Three Gorges Dam in China, Iron Man went to help, and he found the help of The Dynasty, the new group of militarized Chinese superheroes.

Among their ranks is Revolutionary, in a way similar to Iron Man who has an armor which provides him flight and super-human strength.

The Chinese army decided to use jets to explode the Dam, so although they would lose it anyway, they could at least destroy the enemy. Then the Dynasty left the scene in a special aircraft.

He was seen with his comrades and the Triumph Division when Pepper and Beth came and asked them to rescue Iron Man from the Mandarin, which they gladly accepted.[1]

When Tony Stark was kidnapped by the Mandarin and forced to create new weapons for him, the Dynasty was contacted by Tony's friends Pepper Potts and Bethany Cabe of Resilient for help to rescue Tony.[2] The cavalry arrived just in time when Iron Man was fighting Mandarin and his Titanomechs, which were destroyed by the efforts of the heroes.[3]

The Revolutionary's status after the Dynasty disbanded following the death of The Star during Thanos' invasion is unknown.[4]


Appears to be a well trained. Is also capable of manning a high tech mech suit.


A prototype battle-armor


A jet


Weapons within the armor

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