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Revos was the all-seeing patriarch of the planet Spyre, known as the Overseer, who ruled the planet from the Tower of Over-Site.[2] Spyre was a utopian society that prided itself on their use of an advanced scan called the Great Eye which allowed every Spyrican to find their perfect match, thus maintaining their society's harmony.[3] Spyre's lifestyle was disturbed when the Spyricans detected a probing emission coming from Earth scientist Reed Richards, who was scanning space for an Earth-like planet to explore.[4] Alarmed by the planned incursion, the Overseer secretly manipulated a cosmic ray storm Richards' rocketship had to pass through to increase its intensity and scuttle his ship. The rocket crashed back to Earth, but Richards and the other tripulants were bestowed superpowers by the cosmic rays and became the Fantastic Four. Dreading that the now-powered explorers would try to fulfill their original mission, the Overseer devised a procedure to harness the cosmic rays around Earth and grant his own people superpowers in hopes to stand up against the potential invaders.

Most of the volunteering Spyricans were mutated into monsters. They were shunned from society and forced to live in Lowtown, where they organized into the Monster Mob led by Big King Scrum, the first of the rejects.[1] The few Spyricans that gained powers without a drastic change in appearance were assembled by the Overseer into the Unparalleled.[4] Since Spyre was a society without crime or war, the Overseer secretly staged a rivalry between the Unparalleled and the Monster Mob in order to have a threat for Spyre's heroes to fight in preparation for the Fantastic Four, with the Unparalleled regularly fending off terrorist attacks from Lowtown's populace.[3]

Over a decade after their failed travel, the Fantastic Four decided to complete their first flight.[5] The Overseer became aware of their coming arrival and alerted the Unparalleled, who intercepted the Fantastic Four's ship and subdued its passengers. After the Fantastic Four cleared up that they meant no harm, the Overseer granted Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman an audience and welcomed them into their society.[2] However, when the Overseer explained the procedure that granted the Unparalleled their powers, Mister Fantastic deduced that the Overseer had been behind the cosmic ray storm that granted the Fantastic Four their powers, prompting Revos to order the Unparalleled to kill the visitors.[4] During the previous fight, The Thing had been flung into Lowtown,[2] where he encountered the Monster Mob and rallied them back to Hightown to reclaim their place in society.[4] The Overseer deployed the Unparalleled to contain the rebellion. In the meantime, Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman raided the Unparalleled's Hall of Heroes, where they gathered evidence of Reed's deduction and used it to publicly expose the Overseer.[1]

After this revelation, The Thing reached the Tower of Over-Site with the intent to kill the Overseer. Donning a battlesuit, Revos battled his opponent, but the building collapsed as a result of their fight.[3] After recovering from the fall, the Overseer challenged Mister Fantastic and the two fought until Richards convinced Revos to work together. Richards shared with Revos a procedure to temporarily revert cosmic ray mutations, which helped the Monster Mob to be welcomed back into society. Once the Fantastic Four repaired their ship, the Overseer bid the team farewell, expressing eagerness to meet Mister Fantastic again.[6]



Super-Vision: The Overseer possesses a certain degree of omnividence, displaying the ability to manifest eye-shaped constructs from which he can see. Four of these constructs, although smaller in size, appear at all times on all sides of his head. The Overseer can also speak through these constructs and show what he sees from others,[2] either of the present or the past.[4] He also appears to be able to manifest holographic images of himself.[3]


  • The Overseer being responsible for the Fantastic Four getting their powers should be read in context with Fantastic Four #530, where the Entity states that it used the cosmic radiation that gave the team its powers to communicate. The Entity's involvement apparently made the cosmic radiation around Earth unusual enough for the Overseer to import it for use on his planet, many light years away.
  • It is unknown how the abstract entity Origin had influenced Revos or not, since it has stated that it was also responsible for the Four gaining their powers.

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