Rex Carpenter was a citizen of Counter-Earth who was possessed by the Man-Beast. While possessed by the Man-Beast, Rex was influenced to run for the U.S. Presidency, which he won because he was not beholden to any other political groups and was seen by the public as a departure from regular crooked politicians. While President, the Man-Beast tried to turn the public against Adam Warlock, with mixed results.[citation needed]

Eventually, Rex's sister Astrella told Adam Warlock the truth and, when confronted, the Man-Beast abandoned Rex's body. Astrella, Rex, and Warlock became Man-Beast's prisoners. With the Hulk's help, Warlock was finally able to defeat the Man-Beast and free Counter-Earth of his influence. Rex chose to stay President even though he was only President because of the Man-Beast's plans.[citation needed]

Counter-Earth was later destroyed by Thanos.[1] Rex and his sister Astrella are presumed deceased.

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