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Rex Mundi was an early ancestor of mankind born over 60,000 years ago. He was the very first Ultra Human, transformed by the initial Jumpstart event manifest as a probe sent to Earth by the Entity on the Moon.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Living Nubotech: Rex Mundi is the first Ultra on Earth, and arguably the most powerful. His entire body comprises of full organic, self-aware microtechnology that thinks and moves in conjunction with one another.

  • Total Body Control: Through the act of communing with every cell in his body, Rex is able to commandeer each and every independently moving piece in order to reorganize them individually or in large groups. Such mental control over his every iota makes Rex functionally immortal and capable of shape-changing, invulnerability, or hyper-regeneration.
  • Creation: Rex Mundi's organic nanotech structure can absorb as well as repurpose raw materials, shaping them at an atomic level, before release them again as microscopic builders slaved to his commands. This allows Rex Mundi to fabricate organic technology within and without his body before then separating from it, maintaining a mental connection to his creations from a distance.

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