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Rex Randolph enjoyed his Damage Control job, cleaning up after superhuman battles until a glowing green sphere was discovered in a demolished warehouse. He ignored his supervisor Lenny Ballinger's warnings and ended picking up the sphere and was instantly transformed into a green giant.[citation needed]

Rex was from then on cosmically anal retentive, departing to find his destiny amidst the stars. It wasn't but a few months and he decided his fate was on Earth where he would continue his original occupation upholding Damage Control's ideals to clean, repair and restore. Telepathically he forewarns of disasters before they even occur, alerting workers before the incidents even happen.[citation needed]

When Rex re-appeared in Yankee Stadium he proclaimed himself Edifice Rex, announcing his plans to clean the world he would become bored realizing he could instantaneously fix just about any mess. Rex would soon get the plan that in order to restore things as they should be in the universe he was going to put everything back into the cosmic egg that preceded the Big Bang, Earth's assembled heroes sought to oppose. Finding no other way to go about this Robin Chapel the CEO of Damage Control fired Rex leaving him directionless; Lenny then suggested Rex file for unemployment after being asked by his former cosmic powered worker to get at least a good reference.[citation needed]

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  • Edifice Rex has vast cosmic powers, his "Anal-Awareness" can predict disasters before they even occur. He can alter his size at will, telepathically communicate over immeasurable light years, survive space travel unaided, fly through hyperspace (usually becoming an energy ball when doing so), instantly reorganize impressive amounts of matter and it is presumed he can also perform other yet powers not yet displayed.


His alias appears to be a play on 'Oedipus Rex', the classical play.

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