Rhaya was of the first generation of Inhumans,[2] and lived in Attilan during prehistoric times, where she was married to Phadion,[3] and was possibly the mother of Tuk.[1]

When her husband was exiled from the city by his enemies, she was forced to leave with him and she was abandoned in a savage land, minutes after their exile began, on the shores of their new home. Her family was attacked by a beast called Gholla, and she saw her husband die protecting her and her child. Grieving and in pain, Rhaya remained alongside Phadion's body, unaware that the smell of blood was attracting other animals. One of them was Kag, the Lion-wolf who attacked the helpless pair.[3]

Fortunately for Rhaya while all of this was happening she was being observed by a caveman called Ak, who risked his life to save the pair, and took them to the safety of his caves. For several years Rhaya lived with Ak, who was amazed by her hairless body, and thought she was a goddess.[3]

During that time, Ak left one day to search for food, a moment that was used by a lion called Gru to hunt for the mother and child. Rhaya bravely faced the lion, protecting Tuk, and she was able to resist the attacks of the animal until Ak returned and once again saved the child, unfortunately the injuries caused by the lion were fatal, and Rhaya died seconds after Ak had saved her.[3]

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