Rhiahn was a bizarre-looking alien creature from another world. He had a large, clamshell-shaped head with one eye, and a propeller tail in place of legs. Like the other members of the Mega-Monsters, Rhiahn was taken from it's native planet and forced into serving as a warrior under the Megans against the Beta-Beast, the war beast of the Betans. Nothing of Rhiahn's past is currently known prior to his arrival on Earth.

As the most powerful of the Mega-Monsters, he led two other beasts, Krollar and Triax, to Earth on a mission to conquer said planet. The Megans required Earth's resources and strategic location to continue their rivalry against the Betans and the Beta-Beast. Rhiahn encountered two entities who opposed his goals - Godzilla and Red Ronin.

When these two were attacking Triax, Rhiahn and Krollar entered the scene to save him. For most of the beginning of the battle, he and the other Mega-Monsters had the upper hand, forcing Godzilla to use every ounce of strength to stay alive. Now winning, Rhiahn used his propeller tail to sever Red Ronin's robotic head off, incapacitating him. Despite all this, Rhiahn was the only one left when Godzilla came for him after Godzilla killed Krollar and Triax. And, ironically, Godzilla ended Rhiahn's life by cutting Rhiahn's head off with his own propeller just as he had done to Red Ronin hours before[1].


  • Rhiahn, like his fellow Mega Monsters, is able to survive in the vacuum of space without any protection.[2]
  • The monster's massive fly-trap like mouth is capable of a tenacious grip that is unbreakable unless Rhiahn himself can be induced to release it.[1]
  • Rhiahn also has his anterior bio-blades, cybernetic devices that allow Rhiahn to hover and fly in the manner of a helicopter, and which can also be employed as an actual weapon, whirring at such a speed that they cut through objects like a gigantic buzz saw.[1]




Can fly himself with propellor-like tail.


Anterior Bio-Blades

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