When the original Rhino turned down Doctor Tramma's offer to be upgraded upon being dispatched to him by Sasha Kravinoff, she was forced to look elsewhere. She eventually found someone and equipped him with an all-new Rhino costume. His first act was to seek out Aleksei to kill him, so that he could ascend as the one true Rhino. When Spider-Man interfered, he left because there was no honor in killing a broken old man.[1]

New Rhino

The All-New Rhino

The Rhino later attacked Aleksei and ended up murdering his wife Oksana, forcing Aleksei to once again don the Rhino costume. After destroying the other Rhino's armor, Aleksei killed him despite his pleas and despite Spider-Man trying to get him to stop.[2]


  • The Rhino carries some sort of staff with him. It is unknown if it has any unique abilities or is a simple melee weapon.

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