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Rhodey Stark is a descendant of Tony Stark. In the year 3030, she travelled back in time to Earth-616 in order to inform the Avengers about an inminent collision between Earth and a rogue planet which was pulled from its orbit.


Using an artifact unknown to contemporaries built by Iron Man 3030 on Mars, the Avengers managed to phase the rogue planet, allowing it to coexists with Earth in the same space, saving the inhabited planet.

Before being pulled back to her original timeline because of her interference in the present, Iron Man 3030 revealed her identity to her alleged grandfather, Iron Man, and told him why she decided to help them. Even though without her interference the Avengers would've managed to save Earth by destroying the rogue planet, by phasing the rogue planet and allowing its existence, it was turned into a massive source of energy for the Earth. But it could also serve another purpose, a weapon.

When Tony asked Rhodey why did she do it, she explained it was because soon everyone he knew would be trying to kill him, and she could have helped more if she had more time left. Following this revelation, Iron Man 3030 faded away.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly, Iron Man's primary powers mostly come from her armored suit. With the armor, Rhodey has showed the following abilities:

  • Superhuman Strength[1]
  • Superhuman Speed[1]
  • Onboard Computer: Iron Man 3030 possesses an onboard computer called J.A.R.V.I.S..[1]
  • Enhanced Durability[1]
  • Replication: Rhodey can command the suit to create replicas of itself which begin in the form of small spheres, once they're released from the suit and touch a horizontal surface, a replica of Iron Man 3030's armor is created, it is unknown whether Rhodey controls the replicas as if they were droids or they have will of their own.[1]


Super-Genius class Intelligence: Rhodey is a genius, it was even stated by herself she was more intelligent than her ancestor Tony Stark.[1]


  • Rhodey called the present Tony Stark her grandfather, it is unknown if she referred to Stark as her grandfather as a shorter term for their relationship, or if she is actually Tony Stark's granddaughter, as technological advancement might have allowed a human's family tree grow slower by allowing humans live longer.


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