The Mad Thinker was a young woman named Rhona Burchill. She was jealous of Reed Richards since he got into the Baxter Building Program for gifted children instead of her. She used some of her brother's brain matter to increase her brain power, and had a disfigured head as a result of it. She spoke aloud almost constantly in a stream-of-consciousness style as a side-effect from the augmentation.

Rhona defeated the team and planned to sell them to the highest bidder. The group freed themselves, surprising the Thinker. However, the Thinker escaped and vowed to return to extract her revenge. [1]

Later on she stole Cerebro's CPU chip and augmented her mind. Unfortunately for her the result was superhuman empathy with others, which she detested. She was seen at that time with a robot named Robbie and her face was normal again, though she was still unstable. She was apparently killed when her escape vehicle was sabotaged by Wolverine and it exploded.


  • Super-Genius Intelligence: Even before enhancing herself, Rhona intellect was exceptional; now she is able to multi-process new ideas and plans in milliseconds, performing unaided high-speed calculations beyond even the most powerful computers. An expert in innumerable fields, Rhona regularly designs new devices for specific tasks, such as a moisture-draining suit for use against Iceman, a fast mutating retrovirus to overcome Wolverine's healing factor, and so on. Her one constant is her android, constructed from her brother Bobby remains; it possess superhuman strength, is equipped with inbuilt guns, and its pliable form is exceptionally durable.[2]

  • The Earth-616 Mad Thinker is male. Rhona Burchill is female. There appears to be no direct or indirect correlation between these two "Thinkers". However, the Earth-616 "Thinker" has used several aliases, and his true origin is somewhat clouded.

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