Rhona is an orphan who was incarcerated at the Ravencroft Institute after attempting to blow up the Baxter School. In her loneliness and wishing for a family, she builds an android and gives it the memory of being her brother Andrew Erwin. She escapes, and enrols in The Tomorrow Academy under the false name of Rhona Erwin.

Prior to Tony starting at the Tomorrow Academy, Rhona is the smartest kid in class. She doesn't take the new competition so well - Tony being oblivious to there being a competition at at all - and finally unable to take the humiliation, she devises a deadly test to once and for all prove Tony inferior.




Genius Intellect, engineer


Rhona has a somewhat failing grip of reality, and tends to gloat and monologue, distracting her and leaving her open for attacks. She is hostile and paranoid, making her allies less loyal to her.

  • She is one of the only characters to consistently refer to Tony as Anthony.
  • Her character model was frequently used as a background character before and after her first appearance.
  • Because of her pale complexion, abrasive personality and her always being seen close to her brother, Pepper refers to them as "the goth twins".
  • She is based on one of the Mad Thinkers of Earth-1610, rather than of Earth-616.

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