The Rhunians were a giant-sized race from one of the five Black Stars. They believed themselves to be the only creatures in the universe and traveled the galaxy consuming planets for fuel and energy which they fed to their brother planets. Thor and the Rigellians showed them that there was no need for this as their brother planets had long been destroyed and barren[1].

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman Strength and Endurance


Habitat: 76% covered by water in a temperate climate
Gravity: 320% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 60% nitrogen, 30% oxygen
Population: 2.8 billion


Type of Government: Oligarchy
Level of Technology: Capable of deriving energy through destroying stars and other planets. Interstellar ships with warp drive.
Representatives: Kragonn, Dracus


Rhun is one of the so-called "Black Stars," five planets equidistant from their sun. Rhunian technology created immense space warps through which the entire system moved from one galaxy to another. Although it was once within the Milky Way galaxy, it's present location is unknown.

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