Ricardo Amegos was a Cuban tobacco king who learned of a secret gold deposit, hidden beneath an ancient castle owned by the Travers family. When Jane Travers' father died, he willed the castle to her. The castle begun to gain a reputation of being a "House of Horrors" as those who stayed within its walls would either die or go insane. This was caused by Amegos, who had an army of zombie slaves that worked in a secret mine below the castle and eliminated anyone who stumbled upon their work.

Meanwhile, Amegos attempted to pressure Jane into selling the castle to him, trying to claim that it was worthless. When Jane insisted on keeping it, Ricardo attempted to have her killed by one of his zombies. Jane was rescued by the Angel who begun investigating the strange occurrences.

While Angel searched the castle along with Jane's friend Tex Carvil, Amegos captured Jane and forced her to work in the mine. When Angel and Tex arrived there, they fought through the horde of zombies. The Angel eventually disabled the rhythmic drummer that controlled the zombies. Ricardo then attempted to slay Tex, Jane, and the Angel with a stick of dynamite; however, the Angel tossed it back at Amegos. Amegos was seemingly slain in the resulting explosion.[1]


Presumably Amegos was trained in the art of creating his zombies, likely through some kind of mystical means. Possibly voodoo.


Amegos had access to TNT.

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