Richard Dennison was a member of an ecological terrorist group known as Terra Tactics. The group staged a sabotage mission on an alternative energy project, placing powerful explosive charges within the building. In the saboteurs' escape, Dennison was shot by a guard and left behind. The explosion blew Dennison through a tank full of experimental super-charged plasma. When rescuers found him, Dennison was changed into an energy form. Before doctors could help him much, another terrorist team called the Flaming Sword stole his entire containment tank. Though he was mentally unstable, the group renamed him Firebrand and used him as its chief operative in Europe and the Middle East.[1]

Firebrand later appeared as a member of Baron Zemo's "New Masters" alongside Flying Tiger and Plantman.[2]


  • Living Plasma Firebrand has been transformed into a being of pure plasma, fueled from an unknown but seemingly inexhaustible source. He can project the energy outward in powerfully destructive blasts, generating heat and light.


He must use a hi-tech harness to channel his power and dampen it to manageable levels. The harness used technology built by the Arms Merchant.[3]

  • Flight: Firebrand is able to fly thanks to his harness.

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