Richard Fisk was born in 2001 to Wilson and Vanessa Fisk. Richard's father Wilson worked for Don Rigoletto who planned to set up Wilson as a Kingpin figurehead to distract The Punisher.[1] Unfortunately for Rigoletto and Fisk's own family, Wilson had ambitious plans to become the actual Kingpin of New York.

Wilson's betrayal of Don Rigoletto and murder of the other mob bosses[2] led to Richard Fisk's subsequent death at the hands of Rigoletto in 2009.[3]

In Punishermax Vol 1 18 Richard Fisk's tombstone says "2001-2009", confirming his year of birth and year of death. This also means that the events of Punishermax Vol 1 1 to Punishermax Vol 1 5 took place in 2009.

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