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Richard Fisk was the son of Wilson Fisk, the crimelord known as the Kingpin. He became the chairman of his father's company, Fisktronics, in a plot to frame employee Peter Parker for treason to cover up some of the Kingpin's criminal activities. The plan was initially successful, and Peter was found guilty, but Parker's alter ego Spider-Man teamed up with Daredevil to clear his name. Fisk himself was subsequently found guilty along with Susan Choi and the Chameleon.[1][2]

Following his arrest, Richard was incarcerated in Rooker's Island, where he met Tombstone. In exchange for Tombstone helping him out with a few prison brawls, Richard used his connections to frame Robbie Robertson for armed robbery and had him placed in the same penitentiary as them. As Richard and Tombstone prepared to escape in their getaway helicopter with Robbie, Spider-Man stopped them and they were taken back to prison, while Robbie's name was cleared.[3]



  • It is unknown whether Richard's mother is Vanessa Fisk, the Kingpin's estranged wife. However the photo displayed on Kingpin's desk suggest this.[2]

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