Dick Gardner was hired by Professor Philo Zog through an employment agency to be on of his 12 crime fighting operatives. He would be charged with the duty of seeking leads on crime and if need be, contact Zog to enlist the aid of his robot dubbed Electro.As operative number 3, Gardner would follow a lead on the kidnapping of child actress Joyce Lovely. Capturing a crook at gun point, Dick would be lead to the kidnappers -- the Hymie Pazetto mob, who were hiding out in the Purple Slipper Roadhouse. There, Dick would attempt to escape with Joyce, but would be grazed by a bullet while escaping and be locked in the cellar of the roadhouse. There, he would use his portable telephone to call Professor Zog to send Electro, who would come and rescue him and Joyce, and take the mob into custody.[1]


Gardner had a portable telephone receiver that would allow him to contact Professor Zog, as well as give commands that controlled the Electro robot.


Dick had his own automobile.


Dick was armed with a pistol.

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