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The Asp was an orphan who grew up to be a professional thief and the partner of Miles Olddann. He stole the Ruby Scarab from the Living Pharaoh and planned to use it to get rich by selling it to prospective buyers with the intention of stealing it back once again.[1] The two thieves aided N'Kantu, the Living Mummy, and Alexi Skarab in defeating the Elementals who sought the Scarab in order to take over the Earth.[2] After they defeated this threat, the Asp and Olddann left with their new ally, the former Elemental Zephyr, and stole the Scarab back from Doctor Skarab.[3]

Harper later resurfaced on Earth in Saracen Cay, alongside Zephyr and the Asp. They were attacked by Zephyr former allies.[4] They were captured and Zephyr was tortured to force the others in revealing the location of the Ruby Scarab, which they did.[5]

Though Richard Harper had compiled a criminal record before entering into his partnership with Miles Olddann, it is not known whether he has been tried for his crimes in any courts or whether he is currently in prison.





He is a skilled thief and can use a handgun.

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