Rick blamed himself for Banner’s tragic condition, as he was the reason Banner ran onto the gamma-testing field to begin with. Feeling he owed Banner, he followed him and Hulk around the country, helping them whenever and however he could.

Best friend to both Bruce and Hulk, Rick also found comfort with the Outcasts, a group of animals mutated into giant creatures by the same gamma reactor explosion that turned Banner into The Hulk.

Rick’s luck took a turn for the worse when General Ross’ interference caused Rick to fall into the nutrient bath, permanently turning him into a Hulk. After being tricked into joining Grey Hulk, he was sucker punched and knocked out cold. Awakening to find himself in a Gamma Power reversing unit, Rick was cured after the Leader absorbed his power in order to restore his own with the help of the Gargoyle.[citation needed]

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Seemingly those of Rick Jones of Earth-616.


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