Not much of the past history of Rick Jones of Earth-77105 is known, however it would stand to reason that it mostly mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In this reality, Captain America would not be put in suspended animation and Bucky would survive World War II and keep on crime-fighting until the modern age. As such, Rick's early adventures with the Hulk and the Avengers would likely be the same with the exception of Rick's early encounters with Captain America.

His first recorded appearance would be some years after Bucky (now calling himself Buck) was selected to be the director of SHIELD. Rick would be present during one of the Hulk's rampages that happened to occur when Buck was visiting with his former partner Captain America. During the fight, Cap would be knocked out by the Hulk forcing Buck to come to Rick's aid and prevent him from serious injury. With the Hulk gone, Buck would decide to take over the mantle of Captain America and convince Steve Rogers to take his position as director of SHIELD. Rick, overhearing all this would manage to convince Buck and Steve to allow him to take on the mantle of Bucky, threatening to reveal Captain America's true identity if they didn't.

Rick, as Bucky, would fight along side Buck as Captain America for years. Ultimately, they would join SHIELD in tracking down the secret base of the terrorist organization Hydra. During the fight it would be revealed that the Supreme Hydra was Captain America's old foe Baron Zemo. During the course of the battle both Zemo and Buck would be killed in action. After Buck's funeral, Rick would confront Steve Rogers and convince the former Captain America to train him in the hopes that SHIELD might one day rediscover the secret of the Super-Soldier Serum so that Rick can carry on the legacy of Captain America[1].

If Steve Rogers resumed the role of Captain America and/or if Rick would succeed him as the new Captain America remain unrevealed.


Jones is an accomplished gymnast and hand to hand combatant. Jones has a thorough knowledge of Judo and Karate and has even had some training from Captain America himself in various martial arts including combat gymnastics.

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