Quote1.png You walked with gods, Rick. Hell, for a time, you were one. You were a Hulk. You were A-Bomb. You had the power at your fingertips. You could have lifted yourself above humanity's petty concerns. You could have been me. Quote2.png
-- Hulk src


Rick Jones (Earth-9200) from Exiles Vol 1 79 001.jpg

The elderly Rick Jones was the crippled leader of the resistance against the Maestro. He lived a museum of artifacts that had belonged to superhumans. He sent his granddaughter Janis Jones back in time with Dr. Doom's time machine to recruit the Hulk in order to defeat the Maestro. During the conflict, Rick was killed by Maestro. His ashes are spread by Hulk on Captain America's shield and thrown into space.[2]




Seemingly those of the Richard Jones of Earth-616.


Rick Jones, in his old age, was crippled and forced to live on a hi-tech wheelchair.



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