The past history of Rick Jones of Earth-9997 mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart. However, Mar-Vell revealed that Genis-Vell of Earth-9997 was created in part due to Rick's Destiny Force powers willing the creation of a new hero.

Richard Jones (Earth-9997)

Hydra host

In recent history, Rick still carried the Nega-Bands which allowed him to switch places with Captain Marvel (Genis), however through unknown circumstances Rick lost his arm and was also assimilated into the Hydra collective. As a result, Rick died, while the Hydra took over his body.

He was later located by the reborn Mar-Vell and Captain America who were seeking to collect the Nega-Bands as part of Mar-Vell's collection of items of power. Mar-Vell intended to use these items to kill Death and build a paradise in the Realm of the Dead. Appearing in the Hydra's base, Mar-Vell learned that one of the Nega-Bands was missing, which turned out to be a moot problem as the Band that was still in Rick's possession no longer contained its power. When Mar-Vell told Captain America that anybody who agreed to become part of the Hydra would die, Captain America used Rom's Neutralizer to banish all the Hydra's to Limbo.

Richard Jones (Earth-9997) Paradise X Vol 1 3

Captain Avenger

Rick's soul however lived on in the Realm of the Dead following his physical death. Upon the death of Death and the creation of Paradise, Rick Jones was one of the first citizens of the realm. Consuming a portion of the Cosmic Cube, he created a reality where he was the super-powerful Captain Hero and lived out his fantasies of being a super-hero. When Captain America was staging a revolt on Paradise it became known that each soul collected in Paradise would cause it to expand into the Negative Zone. Cap and the Avenging Host plucked Rick from his self created reality.

Rick joined the Avenging Host in confronting Mar-Vell regarding their findings. Mar-Vell killed them all just as the Kree began their invasion of Paradise. When the invasion was overturned, with the help of Hyperion and the arrival of Reed Richards, Mar-Vell resurrected the Avenging Host. Rick passed on his power to Reed himself. Rick's current whereabouts are unknown, but it's presumable that he still resides in Paradise.


Seemingly those of Rick Jones of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Rick Jones of Earth-616.

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