Quote1 My name is Richard Parker. Whatever lies will be told about me; I would like the world to know the truth. Oscorp was already a leader in genetic research when Norman Osborn made a deal with a foreign military organization to continue funding my research. And I discovered what they were going to use it for. Weapons, biological weapons, of course. So, I refused. And now, to eliminate me from the picture, Norman Osborn has falsified evidence against me in order to take control of my work. Quote2
-- Richard Parker src

Richard Parker was a brilliant scientist and engineer who worked with Norman Osborn and Dr. Curt Connors on Cross-Species Genetics.[1] Richard's research was highly sought after. After finding out that Oscorp had plans to use his research to create weapons, Richard left the project. Oscorp falsified evidence against him, and Richard attempted to flee the country with his wife. They left their 4-year-old son Peter with his brother Ben and his wife May.

Richard and his wife Mary were attacked by an Oscorp representative on a plane, and the ensuing battle caused the plane to crash, killing them both.

Later, May reveals that she and Ben were visited by government agents a few days after Richard and Mary disappeared and were told that Richard was planning to sell secret weapons to foreign powers. However, while going through his father's things, Peter discovers clues that lead him to a secret lab his father had established in a hidden railway station, which includes a video his father recorded before his death that reveals the truth. He also reveals that Oscorp's genetically-engineered spiders were created using his DNA, thus explaining why Peter is the only successful 'cross-species' to be created; the spiders were specifically encoded to the Parker bloodline and will not fully bond with anyone else. [2]

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