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Richard Parker was the brother of Ben Parker and the father of Peter Parker, the super hero known as Spider-Man. He was responsible for the creation of the Venom Symbiote alongside Eddie Brock Sr..


Early Days

Not much is known about Richard's early history. Only that he excelled in bio-engineering studies and eventually married a woman, Mary Parker.

New Super Soldier Project & Hulk

Around the time Mary was pregnant, Nick Fury gathered a collective of bio-engineers in attempt to resurrect the Super-Soldier Serum; Richard was chosen among the selected scientists for this project, which also included Hank Pym, Franklin Storm and Bruce Banner. Not long into the project, Peter Parker was born. Both he and his wife, Mary, would be heavily wounded when Dr. Banner self-experimented on himself and turned himself into the Hulk.[1]

Project Venom

Sometime when Peter was still a young child, both Richard and his friend, Eddie Brock Senior teamed together to develop a revolutionary means to heal humanity of disease and illness. Their basis was to create a symbiote, The Suit; the project was named Project Venom. Richard made video diary entries about his progress so that Peter may have a chance to review these files when he becomes older. In the video, it revealed that Project Venom was a cursed project.

Richard and Eddie weren't able to complete their project and sought the partnership and resources of Trask Enterprise to help complete their project. As revealed in his video to Peter, Richard regretted putting his life's work into Trask's hands as they continued to interfere and eventually found a means to take away their own project away from them. He, his wife and Eddie went to fight over the rights of the project in court, but Trask had sabotaged their plane, resulting in their death.[citation needed]



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