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Years after the disappearance of Richard and Mary Parker, the Chameleon created Life-Model Decoys of Richard and Mary. These LMDs were near-perfect robotic replicas of Peter Parker's dead parents, and managed to convince him that they had in fact been held captive overseas for most of his life. Aunt May retained some suspicions, as there were some things they did not know, such as Richard and Mary's elopement. When Peter discovered that they were fake, he suffered a nervous breakdown. However, when the Decoys were ordered to attack Parker, the Mary duplicate, sharing the original's love for her son, saved him instead. Neither LMD survives the incident.

Powers and Abilities


Super-strength, regeneration, claws, speed, agility, reflexes, technopathy.

Physical Strength

Surprisingly strong enough to punch Spider-Man high up in the sky.

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