After Drax failed to revive Galactus and Annihilus' Annihilation Wave remain unimpeded, Nova and his allies had been trying to fight the Wave until it reaches Earth. Nova arrived to Earth to warn its heroes, but came at the climax of the Superhuman Registration Civil War and was outraged to find the heroes fighting over secret identities when such a massive threat was coming. Although Nova managed to convinced the heroes and villains to unite in fighting against the Wave, Earth was greatly devastated. It was only that Nova convinced the Inhumans into intervening in the war that the initial wave was completely destroyed, though Earth would not be able to survive more of Annihilus' forces.

Uatu the Watcher helped the heroes in providing them the Terminus nexus that would shunt the Annihilation Wave into a black hole by setting it off on Earth's Moon. After tricking Annihilus to sending his forces to the Moon, Nova decided to stay on the Moon to set off the device by himself while knowing that he will die doing so in which he bestowed the Xandarian Worldmind to Uatu; however, Captain America and Iron Man volunteered to stay as well to fight off the Wave while buying Earth time. The three sacrificed their lives in setting off the Terminus device and saving Earth in the process.[1]


Seemingly those of the Richard Rider of Earth-616.

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