Little is known about the early life of Richard Rider, other than the fact that sometime prior to joining the Avengers he gained the helmet and powers associated with a member of the Nova Corps.

Nova joined the Avengers as their youngest member and a cocky superhero rookie. On his first mission he joined the other Avengers, including another new member Black Widow, in travelling to England where they fought a Spriggan.[2] When the Vision later joined the team he worked alongside Rider and the other Avengers to defeat Diablo and D'Spayre.[3] He then worked alongside the Avengers to defeat the Olympian Typhon and Pele an Oceanic goddess.[4]

Nova later became a more regular member of the teams line-up and began working out of Avengers Mansion with the rest of the group. He was present when Captain America and Iron Man were away from the team explaining the intentions of the Avengers to various groups including the United Nations. Nova and the other remaining members of the Avengers went up against Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants.[5]

Nova then worked alongside the Avengers to foil Mysterio's scam involving a robot fake of Galactus,[6] Diamondhead and the Owl blackmailing a young woman[7] and fought against a rampaging Kraven the Hunter and a bumbling Deadpool.[8]

Nova was one of the few Avengers present when Thor was telling stories of his adventures to some ladies, Nova didn't believe him and was jealous of the attention Thor was getting. Thor proved to Nova that he was telling the truth of his battle against Skurge the Executioner and pirates and revealed that the French town they were in was named Mjolnir in his honor.[9] Soon after this Nova was forced to team up with Thor again when they traveled to Asgard and fought Rock Trolls together.[10]

Partnering with the Vision and his girlfriend while the other Avengers were helping Namor, they became suspicious that one of their follow Avengers wasn't who they appeared to be. After searching their fellow Avengers quarters they came to the conclusion that Black Widow was a spy.[11] It was then discovered that Black Widow wasn't truly a spy and had been replaced by her future self by Reed Richards to keep the Invisible Woman safe.[12]

Nova would then go on to once again partner with Thor, this time to fight Frost Giants to deliver a message to Glane an Asgardian warrior.[13]


Seemingly those of the Richard Rider of Earth-616.

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