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The past history of Richard Rider of Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In recent history Nova would be one of three heroes who became known as the "Realm Marvel", a group that would aid Mar-Vell in his quest to kill Death and create a paradise in the Realm of the Dead.

As Rider, and his companions (Ms. Marvel and Starlord) were still living, they would travel into the Negative Zone and enter a state of suspended animation. Through unknown means, this would allow them to manifest bodies in the Realm of the Dead. Nova and the rest of the Realm would aid Mar-Vell in recruiting the souls of dead super-humans in their quest.

During the final attack against the armies of Death, Mephisto would use his powers to choke the Realm members with their own cloaks. The Realm members would not die however, following Mar-Vell's victory, the Realm members would remain in the Negative Zone. If they were trapped in the Negative Zone or if they were aiding Mar-Vell in some way is unknown. Other than being in the Negative Zone when Reed Richards and a group of heroes traveled there to deal with the expansion of Paradise into that realm, Nova's activities during this time remain unrevealed.


Seemingly those of Richard Rider of Earth-616.

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