The Ambassador of Terror was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. By the spring of 1943 he had infiltrated the Untied States government, posing as a secretary to President Roosevelt. Around this time, the United State was in negotiations with the South American nation of Borana to have rubber exported to the US for use in the war effort. In order to hamper with effort, the Ambassador of Terror had the good-will ambassadors all assassinated. The majority he eliminated during a group meeting by poisoning their coffee. The last surviving ambassador was killed by a knife in the heart while he was in public assisting in the award ceremony for a scrap collecting contest. Witnessing this murder were the Young Allies who then went to the president and convinced him to send them in the ambassador's place.

The Ambassador of Terror followed along in his disguise, and after the boys won the president of Borana over, the Ambassador kidnapped him during a party and began torturing him in a secret chamber. The Young Allies found and freed the president, but the Ambassador escaped. Later after the treaty was signed and the Young Allies were returning to their plane the Ambassador attacked once more, failing to blow them up with a bomb. Toro, Knuckles and Jeff chased after him but were captured. Resuming his disguise, he then took Bucky, Tubby and Whitewash Jones hostage and had them flown to a nearby South American tribe. There he offered them to the native to sacrifice to their fire god.[1]

At that time, Toro and the others had broken free and tracked down their friends. Seeing Toro's flame powers the natives believed him to be their fire god. Thinking that the Ambassador of Evil had betrayed them, they grabbed him and threw him into a pit of flames where he burned alive.


The Ambassador of Terror had a disguise kit.


The Ambassador had various weapons, including various poisons, knives, guns and he also used a whip.

Real name revealed in FF: Fifty Fantastic Years #1 (2011)

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