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Along with Stephen Strange's Greenwich Village Sanctum Sanctorum, Nighthawk's Richmond Riding Academy also served as an unofficial headquarters for the non-team the Defenders.

Kyle Richmond purchased and designed this facility to house Valkyrie's winged steed Aragorn. Richmond also developed an area where the Defenders could meet. He even purchased a special Adamantium chair for the Incredible Hulk.

Richmond Riding Academy has a modest history. During its debut, the Valkyrie left the team and the Hulk angrily bounded away,[1] though the base continued to periodically act as the group's headquarters. Later, when the team returned to the Academy, they walked in to find that it had been broken into by Scorpio.[2] Though the group forced Scorpio to retreat through their combined efforts, Scorpio continued to be a problem for them for some time.[3]


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