When the insane reality-warping mutant Mad Jim Jaspers took over the government of the Great Britain of Earth-238, he began persecuting other superpowered individuals, having them hunted down and killed by his creation, the Fury.

Rick, along with his wife Linda, Captain UK was one of the last surviving superheroes of that reality. When the Fury attacked the basement the survivors were hiding in, it soon began slaughtering Rick and Linda's comrades Miracleman, Tom Rosetta, Android Andy, Colonel Tusker, Iron Tallon, the Arachnid, Kid Miracleman, Bash Street Bunty, Captain Roy Risk and Puppetman. While the Fury finished killing the other heroes, Rick flew the terrified Linda over to a teleportation device.

Without time to set the coordinates, Rick sent Linda randomly as far away as he could. The last thing Linda saw before being transported away was Rick being grabbed by the throat by the Fury and blasted in the chest. He'd sacrificed his life so that his wife could escape.

Reunited Rick & Linda from Captain Britain Vol 2 14 0001

It later turned out, however, that Rick was instead snatched away moments before death by Roma and later reunited with his wife. Together, the couple overthrew the rule of the dictator Sat-Yr-9 on Earth-794 and imprisoned her.

Sat-Yr-9 (Earth-794) 55 from Captain Britain Vol 2 14 0001


Self-Propelled Flight: Rick can apparently fly at high speeds. It is possible he has superhuman strength and durability, though this is not confirmed. It is also assumed that he has the same powers as Miracleman but to a slightly lesser degree, but more so than Kid Miracleman.

Strength level

Possibly superhuman, to an unknown degree.

Based on the British comics character Young Marvelman, which suggests his codename might have been Young Miracleman (as Marvelman's Earth-238 counterpart was Miracleman). It is also possible that his own counterpart would be Dickie Dauntless. This Rick's powers & form are natural.

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